Vehicle Repair

Do you know how to work on cars and a few extra hours in the week to be available to help someone in need? 

The Neighborhood Resource Center helps serve the physical needs of people in our community. While providing practical assistance, we seek to show the love of Jesus to folks who are struggling, create a personal connection, and invite them in to community with other Christians here at 3Crosses.

Qualifications & Responsibilities:

  • We are currently looking for some auto mechanics who are willing to donate some time and expertise to help folks who are in need.
  • We are looking for a volunteer who has a personal relationship with Jesus! You will be connecting with a person in need who is not a part of our church and may not be a Christian, so the impression that you create, as a Christian, will be important.
  • For this particular position, we are looking for folks who have experience working with/repairing vehicles.
  • You will also be asked to complete a LiveScan; if you have any concerns about this, please reach out to .
  • Your responsibilities will generally include the following: connect and coordinate with the NRC director, connect with the individual in need at the agreed upon time/location, inspect the vehicle and depending on the situation, either perform the repairs or report the repair needs to the NRC director in order to move forward.

Time Commitment:

  • Time commitment is flexible; if a particular need arises you will be contacted and we will coordinate between you and the person in need, to find a time that works.

Interested in volunteering? Please email



Impact the life of a child, share the love of Jesus on Sundays!

SERVE with us: 
ONE Sunday a month
ONE Service
ONE Class

There are so many opportunities to serve in 3Crosses Kids. Serve as a class teacher, class helper, worship leader, drama actor, sound board tech, kiosk worker and so much more. Our team will provide everything you need to equip you for your Sunday. Come join our team! (All volunteers must go through a background check and Live Scan before their first day serving in 3Crosses Kids.)


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