Career Missions

Interested in Career Mission Work?

Consider applying with 3Crosses, learn more about how to join our team below.


1. Complete the application below.  

It will be forwarded to Pastor Mark Teyler.

2. Acceptance

A career missionary is an individual who has received a clear call from God and confirmation from an approved missions agency/denomination to serve with a life long commitment. Career missionaries are approved annually and acceptance is based on review of the application by our Missions Team, pastoral recommendation and board approval. Career missionaries are approved, generally each December for the following year. All Career missionaries must be current members of 3Crosses and/or have a significant history with the ministry of 3Crosses.

3. Support

Career missionaries may be featured once a year in a designated Sunday morning service and an offering may be received that day to go toward their established monthly distributed financial support.

Career missionaries are expected to expand their support base to include multiple churches, which is the norm for all career missionaries preparing for a life of service.

The missions team will determine the dollar amount of support per career missionary, not exceeding 20% of the missionary's need for a given year.

Career missionaries are encouraged to send monthly newsletters to family and friends providing news, updates and prayer requests.

All finances received by the church office for a particular career missionary will go into the 3Crosses Missions Fund.

Financial support for career missionaries is generally sent on a monthly basis. Checks are made payable to the sponsoring missions agency and designated to the career missionary.

Financial support raising guidelines:

All finances received over and above the established financial need for a missionary will go into the 3Crosses Missions Fund.

A missionary's initial individual support letter must be approved by the pastor over missions before sending, and must be accompanied by a cover letter of introduction by the pastor over missions. These initial letters may be sent only to family members, friends and acquaintances and not to a general mailing list of members of 3Crosses.

A monthly newsletter may be sent to a mailing list comprised of supporters that would include news, updates and prayer requests.

A missionary may not send support letters or emails to a mass mailing list of 3Crosses members or people that are not personally acquainted with the missionary.

A missionary may not communicate an emergency financial appeal sent out in any letter, email or newsletter without prior approval by the missions team.

A missionary may not conduct fundraising efforts or gatherings apart from the guidelines outlined on this application.


Career Missions Application

Please note that you are unable to save and return to the application.  We suggest you read through all of the questions to be sure you have everything in one place before you begin filling out the application.


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