Welcome to 3Crosses Men

Dawn Patrol and Dusk Patrol return!!!

Come hang out with the Men and learn from God's word as we grow, encourage, and pray with each other. We will be practicing COVID-19 precautions so bring a mask and please practice social distancing.

Dawn Patrol
Wednesday Morning @ 6am in front of the CMC (Children's Ministry Center)

Dusk Patrol
Thursday Evening @ 6:30pm in front of the CMC (Children's Ministry Center)


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3Crosses Men

The mens ministry at 3crosses Church is committed to living out the great commission in community a variety of ways that we're pretty excited about. 

  • Weekly gatherings on Thursday evenings and Wednesday mornings called Dusk and Dawn Patrol where we laugh, encourage, pray and challenge each other from Gods word and by learning to follow the Spirit of God as men. 
  • Men's dinners called "The Bare Knuckle BBQ sessions" with 300 men growing closer to the heart of god by fighting through life issues together in community and with our maker. AND we eat like kings!
  • Our yearly retreat in May each year called "The Sabbath reset"
  • By serving together every place we can.
  • By learning to love each other as that seems to be closest to the heart of God as revealed by His "new commandment" recorded in John 15. we do that  through our discipleship adventure called "The Timothy Adventure" as well as all the other for mentioned ministry opportunities. 

The call and vision is simple, "To make disciples" We define disciples as "imitators" So in the end, we're about becoming imitators of Jesus so others can imitate us all for Gods glory. We hope you join us I that pursuit.

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Kyle Wilson

Men's Ministry Coordinator

office: 510.537.4690 x220