Care: Anger Education

Leader: James Tucker

When: Tuesday Evening

Childcare: Yes

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The Bible has much to say about anger. It gives examples of both righteous and unrighteous anger. For example, the book of Exodus portrays the Lords' anger burning against a stiff-necked people (Ex 32:9-10). This anger led to their destruction. The Lord's anger is always righteous. But is ours? rnrnHow can one know the difference between demonstrating appropriate anger as opposed to anger that is inappropriate and destructive? For many of us, our anger stems from responding inappropriately to situations and internal conflict. This kind of anger is sinful and destructive. But how can we know how to possess the kind of anger that isn't sinful or personally destructive? What tools do we need to overcome the kind of anger that gets us in trouble and instead, bring glory to God?rnrnThe goal of this group is to equip anyone looking for the proper biblical principles to ensure their anger doesn't lead them to sin. This education is not only for those who can identify with anger but also for those that are looking for ways to navigate through encounters with unjustifiably angry people. rnrnAnger Management Institute Workbooks ($25) available in class. Questions? Email Leader James Tucker

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