Care: K9's For Care

Leader: Vance Odell Hunter Sr.


Childcare: No

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K-9s For Care is a ministry which brings animals and people together to provide friendship and warmth to those who are in difficult situations, living alone, or who are in a hospital or nursing home.

Why bring animals on this kind of visit?

These gentle animals have a very special way of demonstrating God's unconditional love by providing a beautiful connection with hurting and lonely people. Children in hospitals or the elderly living alone "light up" when they are able to interact with an animal. God has given to animals the ability to provide comfort, humor and unconditional love. They help us form friendships where we are able to share faith and God's love with others.

If you've considered joining our team but weren't sure you and your dog were a good fit, please contact us we would love to speak with you.

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