Care: Parent Project

Leader: Verne Teyler

When: Thursday Evening

Childcare: No

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This group is meeting on an individual basis due to COVID. In-Person meetings have been put on hold until further notice. -- Still interested in finding community? Check out 3Crosses Parent and Family Nights --- Empowering Parents and Transforming Kids!Parent Project classes are specifically intended to empower Christian parents with faith-based parent principles and skills to raise respectful and responsible children.In an interactive, support group setting, parents learn and practice specific prevention and intervention strategies, particularly for strong-willed, oppositional, defiant and destructive juvenile behaviors. While the curriculum is primarily directed to parents with existing challenging behaviors of their pre-teen and teen-aged children, the content is basic and fundamental for parents who wish to develop parenting skills to avoid potential future challenges with their children.DON'T WAIT FOR BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS TO DEVELOP WITH YOUR CHILDREN. This class will prepare you to be alert, proactive and to hopefully avoid the future pain and cost of reversing unwanted, learned behaviors of children.Registration and cost for the Parent Project is $100 for a single parent and $150 for a couple. Curious parents are invited to attend the first session as an observer; however, registration and payment must be made by the start of the second session.For more information please contact Verne Teyler at

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