Boundless | Spoken Word

The Frame

by Chris Rodriguez

Chapter 1
Looking out into the world,
With hopes that I would find,
An answer to my questions,
A vision for my eyes.

Put my eye up to the looking glass,
In hopes the I would see,
But the lens,
It was broken,
And the frame,
Was too small,
My vision,
It was fading,
I saw nothing at all.

Chapter 2:
Make it happen,
That’s the lie that I believed,

Be the hero,
Be self-made,
That was my mythology.

That I could slay the dragons,
That I could be the king,
That I could make a shrine,
That was pleasing to my eyes,
In the image of my ego,
No divine,
Only I.

Chapter 3:
Finally, I realized,
That the picture was distorted.
it was broken,

But my heart,
It wasn’t open,
To an open-handed,
wounded healer.

These wounded hands,
Reaching out
to try to save me,
But I was too ashamed,
And I was too afraid,
So I pulled my hand away,
Cutting my hand on broken frame,
Self-inflicting my own pain.

Chapter 4:
All of my defenses
Could not withstand the damage.
Fortified by straw, glass, and sand,
With one gust of wind,
One splash of water,
One small pebble of stone,
My castle came crashing down.

Broken walls,
Broken glass,
Broken heart,
All broken down,
How will I ever recover from this fall?
How could I ever rebuild this kingdom?

Chapter 5:
Hopelessly, I believed
That my story ends in tragedy.
Just another wounded warrior
Well beyond the bounds of healing.
All my broken pieces laid down before me.
This broken frame,
Can no longer hold this broken picture.

Could my image be restored?
Could this picture be transformed?
Is there value in these pieces?

In all of my suffering,
Suddenly I see
Those wounded hands reach out again.

Holding all of my pieces,
Broken shards and all,
Not one part was left discarding,
Not one piece was left forgotten.

Gathered up in wounded hands,
Touched by fire
Joined with other broken vessels
Sealed with loves affection,

Gradually, I start to see this picture come together,
All our broken parts,
were discovered by the maker,
All our broken pieces,
In His hands a work of art.