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Service Times

  • Sunday AM: 8:30a & 11:15a
  • Community Hour: 10:00a
  • Sunday PM: 6:13p

What to Expect

New Family

It's scary to come to a church for the first time! We would love to help you prepare for that experience by telling you what you can expect when you come to 3Crosses.


1) Expect to Hear about Jesus

Our purpose at 3Crosses is Life Transformation Through Following Christ. Everything we do is designed to help you be transformed in your relationship with Jesus. This is true for our Sunday services as well. Our music is centered on the character and work of God. Our sermons take Biblical texts and apply them to your life. Every week we tell the story of Jesus' death and resurrection, trusting that this message is "the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes!"

2) Expect to Feel Welcome

From the moment you drive up the hill and into the parking lot, you can expect that there will be men and women who will help you and make sure you feel welcome. We'll help you find a parking spot. We'll say hello to you and answer your questions when you enter the building. We'll help you find a seat in the auditorium, the check-in kiosks for your kids, or a classroom for Community Hour. If you have any questions, head over to "Connection Central" and we'll get them answered!

3) Expect for Your Kids to Have a Great Time!

We have an amazing, fun, safe environment for kids at 3Crosses. Every week, kids from 3 months to 18 years of age come and have a great time engaging in age-appropriate activities and teaching. We often hear families say, "We wanted to just check out 3Crosses for one week, but our kids made us come back again!" Your kids might love our Children's Ministry so much that they start dragging you to church!

4) Expect to Be Invited into Community

3Crosses is a big church, and at first, you'll think, "How will I ever meet anyone here?" We know our church is big, and so we've developed a ton of smaller communities that will help you get to know people quickly. We have amazing communities that meet on Sunday morning from 9:30 am to 10:30 am all over the church as well as mid-week and home communities for every age and life-stage. If you need help connecting into community, visit "Connection Central" in the lobby or browse through them on our website.


We'd love to make your first visit to 3Crosses a great one! If you're coming this week, feel free to contact us and we'll be ready to welcome you!