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Kathleen Campbell

Kathleen Campbell

Cafe4 Manageroffice: 510.537.4680 x211

Always looking for adventure, it was easy to agree to an invitation of horseback riding around Lake Chabot. Casually, my friend mentioned, “I’ll bring my horse to church. How about you come with me, and we’ll leave from there?” At the same church many months later, I was given another invitation but this time to a winter camp. Highly unexpected, my mother who was a staunch atheist was enchanted at thought of her rebellious daughter out of the house for a weekend and agreed to send me. From the top bench of a high school gym in Shasta, my friend and I walked down and accepted the ultimate invitation of giving our hearts and life to God.

The road from then until now has been one full of regret, struggle, excitement, forgiveness and victory. My desire is for God to use every bit of my past to help reconcile others to God's love and live a life of freedom.