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Fred Porter

Fred Porter

Assistant Facilities & Grounds Manageroffice: 510.537.4690 x289

My parents were Methodist so I always attended Sunday school. When I began High School, my mother worked at a bank with the mother of one of my classmates who I casually knew but was not friends with. She was told by her coworker about this church that they attended in Oakland which had a great boys club on Tuesday nights with a lot of activities for guys my age. My mother told me to make friends with this young man so.... like it or not, I did. He invited me to the Tuesday night meeting and my mother told me to go with him and try it out. I loved it and that led to camp later that year where I was told by the camp director "Porter, you need to accept Jesus.” My heart had been prepared through the friendships that I had formed, the examples of the committed lives around me, and my admiration of the youth director. Attending 3Crosses had opened my heart and I wanted to follow Jesus and commit my life to him. That was 59 years ago and I've never looked back. I guess one could say that that is where I began to be all in.