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Brenda Anderson

Brenda Anderson

Financial Assistantoffice: 510.537.4690 x223

I always say my life transformation is still in progress. I was raised in a Christian home/school/church etc. Learning about Jesus was almost an everyday thing. But I am a person who felt I wanted to be independent, make mistakes, and figure out my own way. Sometimes my independence brought me closer to the Lord. But sometimes, figuring it out on my own led to sin. Although I received Christ at a young age and always had love and appreciation for the Lord, I reached a pivotal time of my life when I got involved in a very dark relationship at 21 years old. I finally felt free that no one would expect me to be a good girl anymore and I could do whatever I wanted. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in ways that I probably have not experienced before or after that time. Warning me in crazy ways (too many to list in a small paragraph.)   I ignored his voice and made a decision to turn my back on Christ. At that time, the trick was revealed to me. I wasn't free…I was actually imprisoned to sin and shame. When I finally prayed a very sincere prayer to the Lord while on my knees for him to free me from this relationship, he answered in a way least expected. I was able to find the courage to break up with my boyfriend but two weeks later, I found out …I was pregnant. My pregnancy ultimately drove the person I was dating away from me for good, because he did not want to be a father. AND it caused me to look at the innocence of my baby as something I wanted for myself. I wanted to be better…for her. I remember sitting in church for 6 months and being so lost I could barely even understand what Pastor Larry was talking about. But slowly the Lord changed me. And since then I have experienced many amazing joys… and also things that (to me) have been very challenging and heart breaking and again through it all, the Lord is changing me. And I know he has never left me, and I continue to learn of his love and grace for me over and over. And because of his great love for me…I have a deep appreciation, and Love for him more and more as life goes on.