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Janet Arnold

Janet Arnold

Children's Church Program Directoroffice: 510.537.4690 x242

I was brought up in a very religious home and I believed in God at an early age. It wasn't until I was 13 years old that I realized I needed to take a step in my faith. My brother shared the ‘4 Spiritual Laws’ with me and things started to make sense. I believed that Jesus was God and I knew He died on the cross for me, but I just never realized why. When my brother explained that Jesus came to give me eternal life and that I needed to accept Him as my personal Savior, I DID! It was amazing! It seemed as though the last puzzle piece fell into place and I became a follower of Jesus. Through the years and various life experiences, I have seen Jesus at work in my life, changing me and making me into a more Christ-like follower. I always say that God is "green" because He never wastes anything and will use everything in your life for His glory.