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Service Times

  • Sunday AM: 8:30a & 11:15a
  • Community Hour: 10:00a
  • Sunday PM: 6:13p

Our Staff

Adults & Ministry Development

Danny Strange

Senior Pastoroffice: 510.537.4690 x216

Mark Teyler

Pastor of Adults & Ministry Developmentoffice: 510.537.4690 x233

Mark Campbell

Pastor of Men's Ministryoffice: 510.537.4690 x285

Buz Hannon

Pastor of Young Adults

Vance Hunter

Pastor of Hospitality & Care Ministriesoffice: 510.537.4690 x283

Liza Landrum

Director of Women's Ministryoffice: 510.537.4690 x217

Kevin Ledbetter

Pastor of Fine Arts & Senior Adultsoffice: 510.537.4690 x241

Maria Martinez

LTS Advisor Administratoroffice: 510.537.4690 x237

Butch Monk

Pastor of Senior Adultsoffice: 510.537.4690 x254

Susan Okamura

Adult Ministries Admin Assistantoffice: 510.537.4690 x264

Bob Okamura

Director of Senior Adult Ministryoffice: 510.537.4690 x233

Miguel Ramirez

Director of Spanish-Speaking Ministry (Comunidad en EspaƱol)

Diana Tavis-Doyle

Administrative Assistantoffice: 510.537.4690 x249

AJ Vanegas

Home Communities Coordinatoroffice: 510.537.4690 x210

Kyle Wilson

Office Manager & Men's Ministry Coordinatoroffice: 510.537.4690 x220

Heather Quilici

Communications Directoroffice: 510.537.4690 x222

Larry Vold

Associate Pastoroffice: 510.537.4690 x0

Randy Odom

Pastor of Senior Adults

Student Ministry

Charles Homer

Pastor of High School Studentsoffice: 510.537.4690 x258

Ryan Gee

Pastor of Middle School Studentsoffice: 510.537.4690 x234

Chris Rodriguez

Director of College Minsitry

Amy Williams

Student Ministries Coordinatoroffice: 510.537.4690 x234

Xavier Vaesa'u

Student Ministries Program Director

Solomon Vaesa'u

Student/Young Adults Worship Leader

Children's Ministry

Austin Foxworthy

Pastor of Childrenoffice: 510.537.4690 x203

Janet Arnold

Children's Church Program Directoroffice: 510.537.4690 x242

Sharon Turney

Children's Ministry Music Director

Renee Jaramillo

Children's Ministry Coordinatoroffice: 510.537.4690 x232

Pauleen Larcina

Children's Preschool Director

Annie Wilson

Elementary Ministry Director

Sarah Foxworthy

Music & Arts Ministry

Kevin Ledbetter

Pastor of Fine Arts & Senior Adultsoffice: 510.537.4690 x241

Faith Blevins

Director of Outreach Production & Academy of Artsoffice: 510.537.4690 x239

Don Turney

Assistant Musical Director/Accompianist

Meg Willadsen

Ministry Coordinatoroffice: 510-537-4690 x202

Business Administration

Lindsey Cavallero

Cafe4 Manager

Tom Cheshire

Facilities Assistantoffice: 510.537.4690 x255

Gary Cosby

Campus Security

Dani Dance

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Emily Marciel

Campus Security

Joshua O'Kelley


Jim Schmidt

Facilities & Grounds Manageroffice: 510.537.4690 x282

Tracy Teyler

Administrative Assistantoffice: 510.537.4690 x251

Kathy Weese

Receptionistoffice: 510.537.4690 x208

Gene Washington

Campus Security

Jarred Marcus

Facilities Assistant

Worship & Media Arts

Brian Andes

Pastor of Worshipoffice: 510-537-4690

Carolina Andes

Social Media Coordinator

Chris Baker

Sunday Morning Worship & Technical Coordinator

Pat Brandon

Technical Directoroffice: 510.537.4690 x262

Jill Kaufman

Sunday Service Graphics

David Ledbetter

Video Producer

Leo St. Sauveur

Technical Specialistoffice: 510.537.4690 x259

Dave Staats

Audio Facilitatoroffice: 510.537.4690 x247

James Teyler

Video Produceroffice: 510.537.4690 x205