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Missions: Short Term

Application Process

STEP 1: Acceptance

A short-term missionary is a member--engaged in worship, community, service and evangelism, who senses God's call to serve as a missionary for less than one year with an approved missions organization. Individuals may participate as short-term missionaries of 3Crosses when the following requirements are met:

Recommendation from a 3Crosses pastor.

Participation with a 3Crosses approved missions organization and alignment with our short-term missions policies.

Receive acceptance after filling out the appropriate short-term application.

Follow the guidelines of fundraising as set forth in the short-term missions support raising guidelines (please read Step 2).

Remain accountable to the pastor who oversees missions.

Remain within the budget set by the missions team, per person, per trip.

Maintain that the nature of the trip is evangelistic or discipleship.

Once the application is received and reviewed, you will receive a phone call of acceptance or denial from the pastor over missions.

If you are accepted as a short-term missionary, our pastor over missions will help guide you through our process.


STEP 2: Support Raising Guidelines 

A missionary's initial individual support letter must be approved by the pastor over missions before sending, and must be accompanied by a cover letter of introduction by the pastor over missions. These initial letters may be sent only to family members, friends and acquaintances and not to a general mailing list of members of 3Crosses. 

All finances received over and above the established financial need for a missionary will go into the 3Crosses Missions Fund. 

A missionary may not send support letters or emails to a mass mailing list of 3Crosses members or people that are not personally acquainted with the missionary.

A monthly newsletter may be sent to a mailing list comprised of supporters that would include news, updates and prayer requests.

Checks should made payable to 3Crosses Church and designated to the short-term missionary.  Online giving is available through our website.  Under 'Give to...' choose 'Missions: Short Term.'  The missionaries can be found in the 2nd drop down menu.


STEP 3: Short Term Mission Application

Fill out the short term missions application, click SEND and it will be emailed directly to Pastor Mark Teyler. 

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