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Butch Monk

Pastor of Senior Adults

Office: 510.537.4690 x254

I was born in Oakland California just after my parents moved here from Flint Michigan. One of their first priorities was finding a church. They chose Havens Court Colonial church near our home. On the very first Sunday they met Flo Robinson who welcomed the family into her home and her life. That relationship proved to be a starting point for many friendships in church. Those friendships led to regular involvement for all of our family in church activities including choir, Sunday School, Children's activities, and much more. I accepted Christ as my savior at seven years old after Sunday School with a visiting missionary. Shortly thereafter several families, including us moved to 3Crosses. I was involved in every possible activity as a youngster. It was a common practice to go to church three or four times a week and both morning and evening on Sunday. Even my first little league team was from church. (The Cathedral Cadets) I committed my life to Christ for Full Time Christian work at Old Oak Ranch when I was in High School. I began working at church in the late 60's with the Jr. High, as an assistant with the Jr. High Department and Ed Harris. After 39 years in education, I came to 3Crosses full time to work with Mid-life and Senior Adults in 2008.  

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