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  • Sunday AM: 8:30a & 11:15a
  • Community Hour: 10:00a
  • Sunday PM: 6:13p





 "Early in the morning will I seek you, early will I rise to search for you to learn from your ways."

--David, the Shepherd King of Israel... a man after God's heart and a man who did what God told him to do.

When: Wednesdays from 6:00am to 7:00am

Where: Children's Ministry Center (CMC)

Why: In the life of a surfer, Dawn Patrol dictates how that surfer's day will unfold.

Dawn Patrol is the first thing a surfer goes to when he rises.  It's the report that comes out over the internet or by word of mouth that describes the conditions of a certain break and whether it's worth the trip to that spot so he can "catch a wave."  It reports on wind direction and speed, swell speed and direction, tide and times, crowd conditions and water quality.  You could say that Dawn Patrol is the first beat of a truly dedicated surfer's day and that all other beats play off that first one.

Dawn Patrol in the life of a man pursuing the heart of God should be no different. We don't look to surf reports to dictate how our day will go; instead, we look to the very Words of God to "read the direction of God" and how our hearts should beat that day concerning our families, wives, work, communities, ministries, and Church.  We meet at dawn (or close to it) every Wednesday morning from 6:00am - 7:00am in the Children's Ministry Center (CMC), starting our day with each other reading the swells of culture and learning how we should live in those waves as men being directed by the Spirit and in His word.  We start with some light grub, Verve and Peet's coffee, and laughter.  We move to an interactive short Bible study with table interaction and application.  We end with exhortations and prayer.

If you're late, no problem; if you leave early, no problem. There will be a take-home Dawn Patrol study for the next seven days of the week for those who care to do background study while diving deeper into the text.