3Crosses Men

The mens ministry at 3crosses Church is committed to living out the great commission in community a variety of ways that we're pretty excited about. 

  • Weekly gatherings on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings called Dusk and Dawn Patrol where we laugh, encourage, pray and challenge each other from Gods word and by learning to follow the Spirit of God as men. 
  • Men's dinners called "The Bare Knuckle BBQ sessions" with 300 men growing closer to the heart of god by fighting through life issues together in community and with our maker. AND we eat like kings!
  • Our yearly retreat in May each year called "The Sabbath reset"
  • By serving together every place we can.
  • By learning to love each other as that seems to be closest to the heart of God as revealed by His "new commandment" recorded in John 15. we do that  through our discipleship adventure called "The Timothy Adventure" as well as all the other for mentioned ministry opportunities. 

The call and vision is simple, "To make disciples" We define disciples as "imitators" So in the end, we're about becoming imitators of Jesus so others can imitate us all for Gods glory. We hope you join us I that pursuit.


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Weekday Gatherings

Wednesdays from 6 - 7am Sharp in the CMC


WHY: In the life of a surfer, Dawn Patrol dictates how that surfer's day will unfold.

  • Dawn Patrol is the first thing a surfer goes to when he rises. It's the report that comes out over the internet or by word of mouth that describes the conditions of a certain break and whether it's worth the trip to that spot so he can "catch a wave." It reports on wind direction and speed, swell speed and direction, tide and times, crowd conditions and water quality. You could say that Dawn Patrol is the first beat of a truly dedicated surfer's day and that all other beats play off that first one.
  • Dawn Patrol in the life of a man pursuing the heart of God should be no different. We don't look to surf reports to dictate how our day will go; instead, we look to the very Words of God to "read the direction of God" and how our hearts should beat that day concerning our families, wives, work, communities, ministries, and Church.
  • We meet at dawn (or close to it) every Wednesday morning from 6am - 7am in the Children's Ministry Center (CMC), starting our day with each other reading the swells of culture and learning how we should live in those waves as men being directed by the Spirit and in His word. We start with some light grub, Verve and Peet's coffee, and laughter. We move to an interactive short Bible study with table interaction and application. We end with exhortations and prayer.
  • If you're late, no problem; if you leave early, no problem. There will be a take-home Dawn Patrol study for the next seven days of the week for those who care to do background study while diving deeper into the text.

Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8pm Sharp in the CMC


There's something that happens to a man at the end of most days: he starts to stress over what he didn't "get to" along with getting frustrated over "something" that happened earlier in the day. There's also something that happens to a man midweek, the pressures of life keep building along with the reality that much of the week is over and he can't quite "get it all done". There's a remedy!

  • We at 3crosses have Dusk Patrol, one of our two weekly men's gatherings on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm sharp, to confront that reality. We come together when the day is closing in community with other men, in order to encourage each other, pray for one another and get into God's word together. This is all for the purpose of strengthening each other! Not so much for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the folks around us due to the joy that accompanies men in Godly community; so that God can point to us as examples of His goodness!
  • It's a powerful thing that happens when men come to Dusk Patrol to meet with other men to get encouraged. They get a chance to re-align themselves with the Holy Spirit who's always at work cleaning up the first part of the week and trying to guide us through the rest of the week graciously.
  • We hope you will join us each Tuesday evening at 6:30 sharp till 8 p.m. in the CMC for street tacos, laughter, prayer, a challenging interactive word from scripture, and incredible fellowship.

Men's Sabbath Retreat



  • Cabin Rate: $245- Bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, and towel; bathrooms are located in a building outside

  • Lodge Rate: $305 - Linens, pillow, and towels are provided;  bathrooms are inside lodge building

  • ADD-ON: Golf with the Fellas TBD

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May 1-3, 2020


Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds
6250 Bohemian Highway, Occidental, Ca 95465



 Nick Hart and the Bassard Brothers & the Son's of Thunder.


Kayaking, swimming, basketball, archery, hiking, mountain biking, high ropes, midnight BBQ, chess, poker, horseshoes, volleyball, fishing, knife & hatchet throwing.

  SIGN-UP   Golf @ Sabbath Retreat

2019 Retreat Photos

Sabbath 2018

Pictures From the Men's Sabbath Retreat 2018

Pictures Courtesy of Robert Gillette Photography
View pictures from our 2017 Sabbath Retreat  |  View pictures from our 2016 Sabbath Retreat


Men's Community Groups & Gatherings


Kyle Wilson

Office Manager & Men's Ministry Coordinator

office: 510.537.4690 x220