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Life Transformation Seminars: 501: Magnification

 "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." -I Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)

"I believe that 501 is the most exciting of all the five Life Transformation Seminars. It's a perfect completion of a process that will never end. It's turned out better than what we could have ever imagined. But isn't that just like God, to do 'immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.' (Ephesians 3:20). Seminar 501 is on 'Magnification: Discovering How To Live A Life That Glorifies God.' The preparation for this Seminar has changed my life. I can't wait to see how God is going to use His word to lead you into His exciting adventure for your life in your pursuit of being transformed by Jesus Christ."  -

Pastor Mark


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501 Seminars in 2019 (2:00pm-6:00pm in Room D3):

  • June 2, 2019
  • December 8, 2019


   Life Purpose Statements from our Seminar 501 Graduates:

  • My purpose is to glorify God by sharing God's Word with military families and soldiers. I would love to serve as a Chaplain and am open to however God leads me… Cathryn Villasenor
  • My purpose is to glorify God by using my spiritual gifts (of knowledge, discernment, and teaching) to expose the lies, hypocrisies, agendas, and manipulations of those who power over people… Don Chin
  • My Purpose is to glorify God by demonstrating compassion to the deeply suffering and oppressed (such as those dying alone and those enslaved in human trafficking)… Mona Chin
  • My Purpose is to glorify God by using all my God given talents, to serve all the people God brings into my life, in a way to project his spirit of love for me, and the joy I receive by following him… Cecil Buckley
  • Lord, so let your light shine in me, that when the world sees me, they see you… Kim Schaier
  • My Purpose is to glorify God by evangelizing and caring and sharing specific knowledge with married couples, by focusing on their needs… Rae Oyenuga
  • My Purpose is to glorify God by speaking privately and publically to individuals and audiences about abortions. In partnership with God, I will witness to others how sacred life is by using my talents as a speaker, an artist, writer, as well as my own life experiences as a mother and grandmother… Beverly Carlson
  • My Purpose is to glorify God by using my talents o fixing things and helping with physical needs to share God's plan and design for people's lives… Edward Thorpe
  • My Purpose is to glorify God as he leads me in ministering to mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers of those whose loved ones are incarcerated. As families of inmates are serving their own sentence right along with their loved ones, they will know that God loves us all, and he saves us from our sin through the sacrifice of His son Jesus, who gives us eternal hope and joy through His resurrection… Patty Bright
  • My Purpose is to glorify God by serving him through the Kairos "Inside" Prison Ministry. As a volunteer, I will present Christ's love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. With a servant's heart, I will share my experience and faith with inmates and those who work with them… David Bright
  • The purpose of my life is to glorify God by following his call to raise awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of minors in California and by advocating for their justice and loving support so they may have hope and a bright future in Christ Jesus… Janice Young
  • My Purpose is to glorify God by helping and encouraging others, using my skills in craftsmanship… Tim Blank
  • My Purpose is to glorify God by surrendering to his will and ways for my life, aiming to please him, and walking in the power of His Holy Spirit… Celia Taylor
  • My purpose is to glorify God my establishing a Ministry named "Focus on the Marriage." This will be for the purpose of exhorting Christian couples to the attainment of personal desires, relationship excellence and financial dominion. This will be done by teaching and introducing bible based relationship, entrepreneurial and financial skills and concepts that I have studied and practiced over the past 30 years…. T. Kola Oyenuga