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Life Transformation Seminars


Our purpose at 3Crosses is "Life Transformation Through Following Christ." This purpose is driven by our Life Transformation Seminars, which is a discipleship track to help men and women experience life transformation.

Our five Life Transformation Seminars are free, and are offered to anyone who wants to know more about Jesus Christ, 3Crosses, or using their gifts to serve the body of Christ.

Still have questions? Contact Diana for more information on Life Transformation Seminars.


Find out more about the seminars:

101: Membership - Welcome to the Family  |  Seminario de Transformación de Vida 101 - Español

201: Maturity - Growing in the Family

301: Ministry - Serving in the Family

401: Mission - Extending the Family

501: Magnification - Worshiping in God's Family


Read testimonials from our graduates

Read Life Purpose Statements from graduates for Seminar 501: Magnification - Worshiping in God's Family