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Life Transformation Seminars: Testimonials

"Seminar 101 was a positive experience in learning more about 3Crosses and becoming a member to grow in my walk with Jesus. Others should attend to learn the same or better yet…come to Christ for the first time." -Laura Estrella

"Seminar 101 really got me back on track in my Christian walk and fired me up to serve through ministry." - Denicia Cormier

"I am so thankful for the Life Transformation Seminars because through the process of the classes and my time spent with God, I finally received the direction, and motivation I needed to find God's purpose for my life. Although I was already involved in the area that God has called me to, I was having difficulty fully understanding how all my life's experiences, my talents, and gifts were related to this ministry that I am passionate about. I was also struggling with my direction. Now that my focus has become clear I can see how everything in my life has led me to where I am and where I am going. I can confidently let go of everything that distracts from my call so I, through Christ's strength, can be most effective in the purpose God has given me. Janice Young Dear Pastor Mark, I'm sending you this e-mail to tell you how extremely blessed I am because I was able to attend all of the Life Transformation Seminars. I really appreciate all of the time that you put into putting the material together and presenting it. Rest assured that I will definitely use the provided material as a resource in the future and as a tool to share God's word with others! I enjoyed everything! Each section challenged me to grow and go deeper in my relationship with Christ. It also brought clarity & acted as a "plum line" to show the areas in my life that needed to be calibrated because it was missing the mark. I also appreciate the counselors & ministry leaders that came along side everyone participating in the seminars. It was awesome to have guidance from another Christian as well as having the assurance of knowing that someone is praying for you :) Meditating on God's word has become more a part of my life. I have even made flash cards of my favorite verses, verses that I depend on, and verses that help me witness to others so that I can memorize them. The seminars highly encouraged me to not become stagnant in my walk with Christ which is so easy to do. There is ALWAYS room for improvement :) The seminars reminded me to be more than a consumer of God's word. I have to step out of my comfort zone and have a faith that is active & thriving. As much as the seminars poured into my life it is absolutely necessary for me to pour into the lives of others. The only thing I would want to change is the fact that with each seminar the groups became smaller and smaller :( It would have been awesome to see the huge group from 101 be the same huge group in 501. My prayer is that everyone that took the first step to complete 101 won't give up and that they continue all the way through to 501. Thank you soooo much Pastor Mark for allowing God to use you to help equip His people! God Bless you :)" -Erica Morgan