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Life Transformation Seminars: Purpose Statements from Seminar 501

Following are the life purpose statements created by the graduates of "Seminar 501: Worshiping in God's Family" at 3Crosses:

My mission is to glorify God by equipping the church locally and globally to carry out the Great Commandment and Great Commission for the evangelization of the world. (MT)

Serve God. (PA)

My purpose is sharing God's gifts of creativity with others for His Glory wherever He leads me. (VB)

My purpose is to glorify God by sharing my love for women in the church and community through fellowship and counseling so that they live in peace and develop a close relationship with God. (TMC)

My purpose is to glorify God by doing practical tasks (helping) God's people. (CC)

My purpose is to glorify God by earnestly seeking Him, and using my gift of leadership and talent with repairing things so that He may be glorified through my salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord. (WF)

My life was meant to be lived! Walls of grief, shame and injustice almost ended the living dream God had for me. Hiding myself was not His way, but mine. Today I can give myself freely to Him with no reservation, because I finally believe I am loved. My purpose can now and is being fulfilled, as I become the fisher of men/women God intended. (LG)

My purpose is to glorify God by showing kindness to everyone I meet and use my God given talents to serve to serve with a joyful positive attitude. (MLG)

My purpose is to glorify God by faith and recovery in sobriety, to witness and encourage my family, friends and anyone He chooses, with joy, my testimony, about His life changing presence. (PH)

My purpose to glorify God is to actively love others with the same intensity that God loves me. Always be ready and willing to serve and help mankind. (RJ)

My purpose is to glorify God by bringing five people to Christ through the Holy Spirit by the end of the year.






Life (SK)

My purpose is to glorify God by using every performance opportunity to inspire audiences to choose Christ to be the Lord and Redeemer of their life. (CK)

My purpose is to glorify God by steadfastly following His commandments and calling. I will go where He leads, using my spiritual gifts to bear witness of Jesus Christ's love. My desire is for the unreached to know Christ, help them believe, grow, and finally share, thereby repeating the cycle within their communities. My passion is for God's kingdom; I will no longer live for worldly success but for Him alone. (KM)

My purpose is to glorify God by using the gifts He has given me with love and grace wherever He leads me for his purpose and plan. (CP)

God created me to bring him glory by obediently serving everyone with love, and to share the message of Christ to win as many as possible. (GR)

My purpose is to Glorify God by teaching the world the Gospel so that they know that the Creator of the universe loved them. (MR)

My purpose is to glorify God by stewarding others through being a learner for Christ and using my spiritual gifts. (JS)

My purpose is to glorify God by being a good example to others. I follow Jesus because he is the leader of all. The Lord's purpose for me is to be humble and calm. (DS)

My purpose is to glorify God by facilitating spiritual healing in people who are overwhelmed by the noise of life. (PS)

My purpose is to glorify God by sharing the gospel with anyone that God brings into my life and to share God's plan of salvation, so that people may give their life to the Lord. (MS)

My purpose is to glorify God as servant by leading others to Christ thought ministry and counseling and by being an example of living in His light after once living in darkness. (JMT)

My mission is to glorify God by continuing to care for my 55 year old daughter who God has given me; she was born special needs, and also to show love and kindness in welcoming the people of God. Hebrews 13:2 NLT "Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!" (LT)