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Service Times

  • Sunday AM: 8:30a & 11:15a
  • Community Hour: 10:00a
  • Sunday PM: 6:13p
  • Stop by one of our check-in stations and to check in all of your children at once.
  • Place your child's Name Tag on them in a visible place (back works best!).
  • Keep your Parent Tag in a safe place so you can pick up your child after the service.
  • If you have a diaper bag, make sure to ask for an Item Tag.
  • If your child is in Kindergarten or younger, you will also receive a pager so we can contact you wherever you are on campus.




Jungle Cruisers (Nursery through 2's)

Jungle Cruisers was designed for kids who are just learning to cruise and become aware of the world around them. Classes are designed for the safety and stimulation of each child through play, songs, and nurturing.

  • Nursery: This class is for babies 3 months just up to walking.
  • Walkers: This class is for beginning walkers (under 18 months).
  • Runners: This class is for children who can run and climb (18 to 23 months).
  • Twos: This class is for children who are 2 years old.

What to bring for your child:

  • Disposable diapers
  • Complete change of clothes (Nursery - potty training stage)
  • Bottle or sippy cup
  • Pacifier or security blanket (As needed. Please do not bring toys from home.)


Explorers (Ages 3 to Kindergarten)

The Explorers classes are made for young children who are just learning what it means to explore God's word! In the Explorers classes, children begin their preschool experience by learning about Jesus in a classroom setting. Children will have Bible lessons tailored to their age group, play time, interactive activities, songs, and snack.

  • Threes: This class is for children who turn 3 before October 1st. Children in this class should be potty trained.
  • Fours: This class is for children who turn 4 before October 1st.
  • Fives: This class is for children who turn 5 before October 1st or are in Kindergarten.


Xtreme (10:00am - 11:00am)

Xtreme is our Bible class for elementary students. Each morning, children will learn about the Bible in a fun, classroom environment where teachers lead them in learning about the Word of God together.

Quest (8:00am - 9:10am & 11:00am - 12:10pm)

Quest is our children's church program. Each morning, children will learn about God through a message, singing worship songs, skits, multimedia, and more. Children also spend time in smaller discussion groups where they get to unpack and apply God's Word to their lives.



  • Display your Parent Tag as you walk through our doors.
  • Drop off your pager in the box at the entrance.
  • A worker will match your child's Name Tag and your Parent Tag.
  • Head home and we'll see you next week!




We know that security is important to you and your children and we want you to know it is important to us as well. Here's how it works:

  • Each and adult that works in The Adventure goes through a rigorous background check, application, and training process before they are able to serve.
  • Every worker wears a photo ID badge so they are easily identifiable.
  • Every child has a name tag with a unique and random code that corresponds with a tag that is given to parents. Only you or someone you authorize can pick up your child.
  • A member of our security team is posted at each entrance and exit to make sure only families and staff are allowed into The Adventure.

If you would like to volunteer to serve, click the button below!





To ensure the wellness of the children and staff, we ask that all sick children remain with their parents. Parents with children showing symptoms of sickness (fever, vomiting, cough, runny nose that is not clear, rash, spots, etc.) will be paged to pick up their child. If your child is showing symptoms due to teething or allergies, please notify the classroom teachers in advance.