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Child Dedication Signups

Thanks for your desire to dedicate your child to the Lord!  Please take a quick moment to fill out the information below, so that we can be ready for you. 

The next child dedication service will be June 2, 2019.  Please read the following information before signing up.

Here's some helpful information about your upcoming dedication:

Let your family/friends know to be sitting down towards the front of the sanctuary 5 minutes before the start of the worship service (along w/ yourselves).  Pastor Danny will invite the parents and little ones to come up on stage (after the first set of worship songs).  To help keep the service running smoothly, only the parents will be invited to stand on the stage during the dedication.  Friends, family and godparents should remain seated with the audience.  You will be passed a microphone to introduce yourselves and your little ones to the audience. Afterwards, Pastor Danny will say a word about dedication and then pray for all the families and little ones on stage.  

Friends and family members are encouraged to take pictures or video. 

Each child will be offered a children's bible to commemorate this special day.

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