Community: Women (Solace)

Leader: Emily Marciel

When: Tuesday Evening

Childcare: No

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My hope is for this home community to fill a need that often goes unspoken. There is rarely a space for women to talk about sex in church. I want to create an environment where women can come and be vulnerable and begin to process anything on their heart relating to shame and sexuality. Many women spend years trying to forgive themselves and hold onto regret when they have already been forgiven by Jesus.

The overall goal: to create a community where a select group of women can openly talk about sexuality, can feel safe being vulnerable, can set aside the worry of perfection, judgment, and performance. To respond to one another's needs. To love like Jesus. To guard and comfort. To process shame. To feel camaraderie in shared histories. To respond to calls to surrender. To prepare hearts. To repent. To understand what a shameless life lived for Jesus looks like for you personally.

When: Tuesday Evening 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Where: At the Church in room D2
Study Topic: Select Sermons (Syllabus available upon request)

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