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Everything Just Feels Right

by Lauren Koski on March 20, 2018

Two miniature martial artists toddle off the mats of the Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu martial-arts school and into the arms of their mother, Miriam Del Rosario. There’s a pause for some gulps of water, two content exhales, and Miriam leads her little boys out to the car.

Jacob and Sam secure seatbelts over their starched, white Jiu-Jitsu uniforms, called Gis; Miriam opens up her favorite Bible app on her iPhone.

“Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save,” she reads from Psalm 146, followed by a short commentary.

This is becoming a little tradition for Miriam and her boys. Sure, they’ve have gained a lot of confidence and respect in their Jiu-Jitsu classes, but Miriam also wants them to understand God’s great love.

Some of these verses are new to Miriam. She comes from a multi-religious family in the Philippines, and she joined the Catholic church when she was married. In January, she decided to trust in Jesus and ‘not in human beings who cannot save.’

She decided to trust in Jesus and ‘not in human beings who cannot save.’

Miriam likes to call her life a rollercoaster. There have been a number of ups and downs, but if it wasn’t like this she doesn’t think she’d ever learn to savor it; if her heart hadn’t been broken in a few places, she doesn’t think she would have invited Jesus inside.

In 2009, the streets in Miriam’s hometown of Rizal flooded in the wake of Tropical Storm Ondoy. But Miriam held her one-month-old son, Jacob, and watched, heartbroken, from her two-story home. One-story homes disappeared and her neighbors slept on their roofs, trapped by the water.

A teddy bear, bought for Jacob before he was born, and some essentials were saved on that second floor.

“Good thing pictures are all digital now,” said Miriam.

Water damage on the first floor of her home was preparation to give up material wealth and enter into the next corkscrew of life’s coaster when a decades-old family petition allowed her family to immigrate to the United States in 2014.

“So we sold everything — the house, the cars, we left our jobs, pulled out the kids from school, sold or gave away clothes, books, toys,” Miriam said. “And we were able to fit everything into eight suitcases.”

After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Miriam continued her work with Human Nature, a Philippines-based beauty-supply company. She set up a warehouse in Castro Valley and began frequenting local coffee shops to find the best atmosphere for her workdays.

That’s when a friend invited her to a coffee shop just down the I-580 freeway. It was located in a church, under the shadow of three, large crosses.

“I didn’t expect there to be a church,” said Miriam. “I didn’t know, I just thought, ‘That is a nice café; I want to drive a little further out.’”

Café 4 became one of her new favorites spots.

But Miriam couldn’t ignore her curiosity so she showed up again one Sunday morning, walked through the café, up the stairs, and into the sanctuary.

“I think it was the second time I went (to 3Crosses) and I decided to go in the prayer room and that’s when I met Jeannie — she’s been really nice — then she introduced me to Marcie and now those two girls are my go-to girls, my prayer partners,” said Miriam.

One month later, Miriam attended one of 3Crosses’ Life Transformation Seminars after searching for more ways to get connected in the church.

Pastor Mark Teyler had just finished clearly detailing the gospel: the good news of Jesus stepping into this world to offer everyone the gift of relationship and eternity with the Father. Then he asked the classroom of attendees: “When did you become a Christian?”

Miriam turned to a woman at her table and quietly said, “Well, I think just now.” Her eyes were big and tear-filled, unveiled.

A few weeks later, she walked into a Hobby Lobby and purchased her first Bible.

“They (the scriptures) speak to you and I don’t know how that works,” she said with a curious grin.

Miriam brought her new Bible to the IF:Gathering conference in February; she signed up to paint backdrops for the Easter musical. She meets on Friday evenings with women from the church, they share their lives and pray over one another.

Miriam said she’s understanding what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.

Everything just feels right, she said, and she definitely can’t stop smiling.


Everything just feels right, she said, and she definitely can’t stop smiling.



On April 1, Miriam will celebrate her Savior’s resurrection for the first time as a follower of Jesus. Join us for Easter at 3Crosses - 3crosses.org/easter.