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What Is Communion?

Jesus never asked His followers to remember His birth, but He was very careful to instruct them to remember His death and resurrection. He gave us two visible symbols as reminders of his death and resurrection: baptism and communion. Communion, or The Lord's Supper, is really an object lesson that represents a great spiritual truth for believers. It is a simple act of sharing a bit of bread and juice as a reminder of Christ's death, a symbol of His blood sacrifice, and a statement of faith that "proclaim[s] the Lord's death until He comes" (1 Corinthians 11:26).

Who Should Take Communion?

Communion is only for those who are Christians. Like baptism, it is a sign that one has placed his/her faith in Christ.

Can I take communion if I am not a member of 3Crosses?

Yes; having a relationship with Jesus is what is important.

Can children take communion?

Children may take communion, although it's important that a child be saved and be old enough to understand communion.

How Should We Prepare Ourselves For Taking Communion?

The Bible teaches that we should take Communion in a worthy manner by examining ourselves: our relationship with Christ, our relationship with others, and any unconfessed sin in our personal lives.

How Often Should We Observe Communion?

Although we are baptized only once, we partake in communion regularly. At 3Crosses we observe Communion the first Sunday of each month in our worship celebration services. Communion is also observed at some of our retreats, banquets and in Home Communities.

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