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Becoming My Father (James Canepa)

James realized he was slowly becoming like the father he hated. When several twists and turns in his life found James living with his father, he learned how Jesus changes lives.

Come And See (Shannon and Tess)

Tess was at the lowest point of her life, crying out that there must be something more than this. A simple invitation from Shannon showed her just how much more God had in store.

Grace's Hands

Grace's hands embracing and welcoming you home.

House of Cards (JP Pierre)

JP spent years building a house of cards, and it eventually came crashing down. After giving his heart to Jesus, JP discovered what God planned for him.

Voices (Joaquin Solorzano)

Joaquin's son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. While was saying: let me be your father, God was telling Joaquin: let me be your Father.

There Is A Purpose (Amber)

While giving birth to her daughter, Amber prays to God for the strength to do His will and be the strong woman her daughter needs. God used this to show Amber that there is a purpose for her.

Adoption (Dani and Sheldon Dance)

Dani and Sheldon had two weeks to decide if they would say yes to adopting. They decised to follow God's leading and learned just how important adoption can be.

Home (Bethany Frech)

When Bethany lost her father and had to move in with her youth pastor's family, she didn't feel at home. She soon discovered that if you rely on God, he'll get you there.

Bring You Back (Micah Casey)

Micah only wanted to obey God when he needed something. When the drugs took control of his life, Micah learned that God will always bring you back.


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