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When divorce shatters her childhood fantasy of a fairytale life, Clarissa discovers that Christ has so much more to offer.

Brian and Rebecca have learned that they are not perfect. On their journey, they have also learned to rely on God and others for help along the path.

Like Family (Kurt)

When Kurt went through the hardest season of his life, he discovered that he wasn't alone in his pain. By finding help and care, Kurt discovered a group that's now like family.

Lean On Us (Dave & Patty Bright)

When we lean on God, we glorify Him best, by having others lean on us.

A Loving Community (Derek Lewis)

After waking up from a 6-day coma, Derek told God: you either need to kill me or heal me. Derek found healing in a community of men.

Keeping It Together (Bill Doyle)

As a small church rallies around a family in crisis, bonds are built that will last for generations.

The Only One (Jake Wood)

When Jake left for Australia to work for Youth With A Mission, he knew it was probably the last time he'd see his mother in person. Jake was willing to give everything to God, and by doing so, showed his mother just how much God loves us.

Hume Lake 2017

There's something special about getting away from the distractions of everyday life and intentionally meeting with God. When our students spent a week this last summer at Hume Lake Christian Camp, lives were changed.

X grew up with skinned knees from playing football in the street. When injury ended Xavier's football career, God gave him new purpose through working with students.

Barbara has taken care of Bill for sixty years. Bill has spent the last few years caring for her, and in doing so, fell in love with Jesus.


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